Private psychological services are available to self-paying individuals, and people who have their fees paid by private medical insurers, or by other sources (e.g., solicitors, employers, agencies)

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact Dr Loumidis' office.

Uninsured Self-Paying People
You do not need private medical insurance to see Dr Loumidis.  Although some people have private medical insurance, a lot of people pay themselves to see Dr Loumidis.  You will be informed about the cost of treatment before you start.  We will charge your payment card at the end of every session. Alternatively, please pay Dr Loumidis on the day of your session by cheque or cash, before he books your next appointment. We will then send you a receipt.

Private Medical Insurance Members
If you have medical insurance, please contact your insurer to check that your cover is adequate, that your condition is covered, and whether there is an excess or a maximum limit on the amount you can claim.  Please keep track of your sessions and your maximum allowance.  Dr Loumidis is a recognised provider of clinical psychology services by a number of medical insurance companies, but some insurers may require that you are referred by your GP or a Consultant Psychiatrist before you can start psychological therapy.

Payment Shortfalls
Sometimes people have a limited number of sessions for which they are covered, and they then make up the difference by paying themselves for their treatment.  We sometimes charge insurers a lower rate, but any additional sessions are charged our normal rate. We will need your debit or credit card details when you book your first appointment, so we can charge your card for any shortfall not paid by your insurers.

Indirectly Funded Patients
If your fees are paid by somebody else (e.g. solicitors, employers, relatives), we will first need written confirmation that they will be responsible for all your fees.  An invoice will then be sent directly to them.

Company Employees
If your employer has agreed to pay for some or all of your treatment, please ensure that Dr Loumidis has a contact name, telephone number and address of correspondence.

Public Sector Employees
Expert Psychologists Ltd has arrangements with some public sector organisations who have outsourced the provision of psychological, counselling and occupational health services. Please ensure that Dr Loumidis receives a formal referral letter from the person who has arranged for you to see him.

Rehabilitation Patients
Dr Loumidis sees people who may have developed psychological problems following personal injury, such as a road traffic accident or an accident at work. Sometimes your solicitors or an independent agency will have secured funds for your treatment. In such cases, Dr Loumidis needs to receive a letter from the party who has agreed to pay for your treatment, formally instructing him to offer treatment. In other cases, you may have been given an interim payment to cover the cost of psychological treatment.

Debit/Credit Card Mandate
We will require your card details before your first appointment, and a signed Mandate Form, to take future payments.  For example to pay for psychological consultations at the end of every session (applies to self-paying patients only), for any missed or cancelled appointments with less than two working days’ notice (applies to all patients), or for any shortfall in payments, or any extra sessions, not paid by insurers or other agencies (applies to insured patients only). For your security and Data Protection, your credit/debit card details are entered into SagePay, the UK & Ireland's largest independent payment service provider, and any paper records of your payment details are destroyed.  Separately to us, Spire and Nuffield Hospital policies also require that you give them these details.

When To Pay
Dr Loumidis receives his payment at the end of every session and will send you a receipt if you so wish.  If your fees are paid for by your employer or your solicitors, Dr Loumidis will send them an invoice for his services, which they must pay in full upon receipt. There may be a small administrative charge for issuing reminders for outstanding invoices.

Cancellation or Non-Attendance
When you make an appointment, we reserve the whole session for you. If, in exceptional circumstances, you may need to cancel your appointment, we will need at least two working days' notice. This is to allow us the time to offer your cancelled appointment to people who may be waiting for an appointment. The full fee will be charged for non-attendance, or less than two working days' notice of cancellation. Some insurers or other agencies may not pay for these, so we will charge your card.  Please note that we may reluctantly use debt collection services for unpaid invoices.

Unpaid Invoices
We charge £15 for each invoice reminder, plus interest as set by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. As a last resort, we may take legal action.

Receipt Of Payment
If you would like a full VAT receipt or invoice for any services you receive, please let Dr Loumidis know.

Cost Of Treatment
You can find out about Dr Loumidis' fees by calling (01902) 843 877.

Free NHS Services
Dr Loumidis now works only in private practice. If you would like to see a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for free on the NHS, you can discuss this option with your GP.

On the 1 July 2009, Clinical Psychologists joined the Health and Care Professions Council Register, and therefore psychological therapy is now VAT exempt. Expert witness reports and other services remain VAT rated.

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